Is This What You Want​?​!

by My Son The Hurricane

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Jimasaurusrex Heard them live at Fork and Cork 2017 in Windsor, Ontario. Such an amazing show, so much energy, bought this album immediately. no regrets! Favorite track: Birthday Cake (w/ Sammi Morelli).
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released April 26, 2017



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My Son The Hurricane Toronto, Ontario

My Son the Hurricane is a 14-piece brasshop funk beast with the mantra: anything worth doing is worth overdoing. Hailing from Niagara/Toronto, the band mixes New Orleans style grooves with funk, jazz and hiphop.

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Track Name: Smoke & Mirrors
Smoke & Mirrors

Let’s have a conversation, hash out our differences
Put aside the ego along with the innocence
Admit that it’s happening, even if it’s in increments
& accept by no means that it’s a coincidence
You’re living in it, can’t smell the odor?
Take a breath before the rest of the mold grows over
Feeling limited? Who knows what you go through
& all those things that they told you

They don’t’ know what they’re talking about
When they’re all talking over each-other
They’re all so damn dead-set in their ways
That they’re tired of bread a depend on the butter
But there’s another them, and that’s us
Harness that unrest and stand up
Make way ‘cause things done changed
& if you ain’t here to help!?

Keep the crit constructive. No grand-stands or stuffing
Your smoke & mirrors have no place here
Those that move mountains need to tune in
And see that it’s just mole-hills that they’re moving
The ball is rolling, the engine’s started
You can’t sweep this one under the carpet
It’s hard to separate the things that you’ve learned
From all those things that you heard.
Track Name: Birthday Cake (w/ Sammi Morelli)
Birthday Cake

Get up, get down, come on, let’s go, kick it
I know you’re ready now, this is the ticket
Get with it & don’t get it twisted
This is it, we’re getting to business
I’m gunna’ unwind
I’m gunna’ cut loose
‘cause it’s about time
That we cut up the cake a break out the grape juice

I’m anxious but let’s be logical
Right now’s the best time possible
You’re not a work, not in the hospital
Not accountable, you can’t be held responsible
So give it up, be aware
Self-consciousness had got you scared
Throw your hands up, mess up your hair-do
Fuck the things that they compare us to.

Pull me into another direction, unaware it was too late
In my eyes I’m releasing the tension, lipstick & birthday-cake

Get up, get down, come on, let’s go, kick it
I know you’re ready, let’s not waste another minute
Get with it and don’t get it twisted
This is it, we’re getting to business
I’m gunna’ unwind
I’m gunna’ cut loose
And it’s about time
That we cut up the cake a break out the grape juice

I’m anxious but I hate to say that
That it’s safe to say that
We make complaints, when we waste the day
just sitting in an office making cake cause there’s bills to pay
So give it up, be brave
Self-consciousness has us afraid
Throw your hands up, mess up your hair-do
Fuck the things that they compare us to.
Track Name: Roll With The Punches (Featuring Jack Shitt)
Roll with the Punches. w/ Jack Shitt

v.1 Bergsma
I can feel it building up inside
It’s like we’ve been through this a dozen times
Right on sight, I knew it wasn’t alright, so tonight someone out there just might

Walk the line, peel back the fatty tissue
Loose the excess, make it official
Wishes turned fruition, & now you bitchin’ Intensions pushing pistons to the engine
Inventions that best suit the people
Nothing lethal, just illegal
Eyes thread without contact with the needle, stitching back some salad for a meal

v.2 Jack Shitt
I'm not the type to really get upset.
Pushin' yer luck but I ain't fed up yet.
Now get to steppin' 'cuz this pent up stress may test my threshhold and you just might get...

Eat crow! Leave the murder for the pro's!
Foot in yer mouth. Eat your words. Learn to cope!
Eat yer heart out, foes, burn the rope at both ends. Hope less. Submerge yer boat!
Down it goes. Drown or don't. Ship sunken.
Butterflies flutter in the pit of your stomach.
Gunna climb that slippery slope so get a grip 'cuz this ain't cliff jumpin'! Roll with the punches!

v.3 Bergsma
Swallow your pride our die under-developed
Bitter pill with a glass of shut the hell up
Sitting still with an elephant in the room
While skeletons in your broom-closet tell you what to do
Wash those hands, watch the dirt drain slowly
Chase that space at the base of trophy
Dosie-do toe to toe till the fun ends
Go with the flow, roll with the punches

Oh no, I think it’s happened again
I’ve gone and mis-placed my patience
But my expectations not to swim in sweat
So come correct or you just might get
Cold Cocked.
Track Name: Smile
MSTH - Smile

Let your smile be your umbrella, when the wicked rain comes down

every year I stroll down this under-developed path in the grass
and every year I cut through, like I'm smashing the glass
but every tear that I drew taught me something, infact
I look back and see a pathway that's just littered in puddles
Sight the difference between the bitter & the sour
*sniff, a deep breathe, I'm taking time to smell the flowers
start cooking with spices, leaving out the condiments
The love of a woman and the feeling of accomplishment

Virgo, clean, creative and methodical
Organised like the chocolates inside of a box of pot-of-gold
and I've been unstable, like the waters in a kettle
and will be until the day the anxiety in my chest settles
'cause I researched, did the work, formed an opinion
and didn't ever like it from the beginning, but
now I'm overwhelmed with the disappointing news that
the bad guys can win and the good guys lose.

It’s a fresh start, heads finally feeling comfortable on my shoulders
call it maturity, I'm just going to call it getting older
and it's all good. and it's all in good health
I need to stop impressing everybody and start impressing myself
'cause I'm a man, a voice, an opinion, homo-sapien
creatively inclined and proud to be Canadian
held down by a job that held me down for too long
it's a shame when you and your paycheck don't get along

but with no list, there is no selection
and your consciousness has no direction
and you're haunted with the thought of never getting out
well here it is.. a new you
a fresh start and a chance to break through
cause when that ball drops, so does the hammer
it's just us against the world with a smile fit for the camera
this years ours, lets take it and own it
adjust our perception and measure our minutes in moments.
Track Name: Bottles Into Money (w/ Sammi Morelli)

And where was he supposed to go?
Doesn’t want to believe the lies though,
He’s walking through the crowd with his hands and his eyes closed
Mama didn’t raise no fool but this ain’t the kind of thing that they teach out of highschool
Moving slow in a place that’s fast paced a professional of nothing and a jack of bad trades
And every day was exactly the same
He wakes up and does it over again.

And what was he supposed to do?
Just pretend there wasn’t any anguish
It’s like his heart and his head where speaking different languages
But they both were shouting and hollering, so he stepped up like he had a song to sing
And started saying anything and everything that ever left him festering in manifested questions
That time they he invests is a means to an end.
He wakes up and does it over again.
Track Name: Grapes
They’re grapes.

I just spit out a mouthful of grape juice
just to make use of any opportunity to flap my gums, when
really I’m just a dry mouth looking to be quenched
and sometime the creative juices need time to ferment
so I’ve been wearing this barrel like a shirt for a few weeks
getting the cock-eye when I walk by kids in the street, shit
maybe it’s my bear feet, maybe it’s the fruit-flies, but
you think theirs is good just wait ‘till you try mine

‘cause the oak’s soaking in and I’m feeling smoky and toasted
Don’t bring your long tooth ‘cause it might end up broken
And when the aromas touch your nose, you’ll sense the quality
A full body with nice legs and great viscosity , and

The juices are the game but the bottles the business
I attack all the senses and leave with a string finish
I menace to sobriety, the experience intoxicating
In rhyme there is truth and my rhymeries open and operating
And I’m so sweet, due to the residual sugar
More brix than a factory built in the late 50
With these chips, it tastes quite nice, but really
My best pairings are the intricacies of life

And you might not like it first time, but you will by the 4th =
Constantly recovering from the night before, while
More and more pop up with good intentions, but
New world rhyme requires new taste and invention.